Furniture by Dennis Bork

Dennis Bork, Master Furniture Maker from Delafield, WI will make furniture to fit your needs! He designs, constructs and finishes all of his furniture for homes, offices and museums.

All boards are hand planed on all surfaces. Only solid woods are used. Drawers and cases are held together with hand-cut dovetails. Legs are attached to frames with mortise-&-tenon joinery and secured with a peg. All carving is by hand (not by machine). Slotted screws and cut nails are used and rusted to look old. The finish is a dye with a shellac finish followed by a wipe-on varnish for protection. No spraying of finish nor CNC-machined parts or purchased parts are used. I make and carve all the parts.

Woods used are mahogany, walnut, cherry and curly maple for the primary woods and poplar or maple for the secondary woods. Unless noted prices shown are the base price for cherry, maple or walnut. For tiger maple add 10%, for mahogany add 15%.

Most of my work is all custom orders. Send a photo or sketch or just let me know what you would like made and I can send you photos.

Dennis Bork has been chosen for the "Early American Life" magazine's "Traditional Directory of Craftsman", a juried directory, for 23 consecutive years: 1994-2016. He is also the recipient of the 2009 "Cartouche Award" from the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. The Award is given to celebrate a lifetime achievement of period furniture making.


*** Custom made period furniture by Dennis Bork ***

Call us at 262-646-4911, 9AM - 7PM, CST, M-F, Delafield, WI or email for more information or freight charges.


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Featured Products

Tiger Maple Pencil Post Bed

Tiger Maple Pencil Post Bed

Immediately available. Tiger maple pencil post bed, queen size, as shown with TM posts (81" tall) and TM headboard, maple

$3,675.00  $2,675.00

Carved Mahogany Bed

Carved Mahogany Bed

Posts are 81" tall. Head posts are pencil posts, foot posts are carved.

Immediately available in mahogany, queen si

$5,445.00  $3,999.00